“Vapers Wear Vee Shirts!” I love this part of the slogan but what exactly are Vee Shirts?

I coined the term “Vee Shirts” while helping my friend Anton (HeatWave Screen Printing) to print my first vape related emblem onto 30 black tee shirts.

We were both excited about Ohm Made Apparel and the niche audience that I was attempting to break into – the global vape community.

I could hardly contain myself as I watched my designs come off the carousel.

As Anton pressed white ink through a screen onto a black garment, I started talking bollocks! The sort of drivel one spouts when imaging overnight success.

“You know, these aren’t tshirts, they’re Vee Shirts!” I burped with comedic pretension. “Vee Shirts are worn by vapers, all around the vaping world!” I added hopefully. “Tee shirts are for everyone else!”

We both laughed at the absurdity of the potentially lengthy and overblown slogan but agreed wholeheartedly that with some thought it might work.

Hashtag Vapers wear Vee Shirts

The vape community needs more slogans to call their own. I therefore selfishly proclaim “Vapers Wear Vee Shirts” as one of them, with tongue firmly in check.

Lets not forget why we vape – to help quit smoking.

Some of my Vee Shirt designs encourage quitting but I am also trying to appeal to people who love to vape.

Vaping got me off the cigs and eventually got me off nicotine. One day I will quit vaping but for now I am enjoying all the flavours.

Use double sided vape

My favourite pro-vaping slogan that I conjured up is “Stick to Quitting Cigarettes. Use Double Sided Vape!”

I still haven’t printed it as a Vee Shirt but I do plan to in the next couple of months.

I can let you all know when that happens by way of my Newsletter Subscription form which you can find in the column to the right.

And please – do start using #vaperswearveeshirts all over social media – I need all the help I can get 😉