“Tee Shirts for Vapers!” The phrase kept popping into my head. “Tee Shirts for Vapers!!” 

Something had to be done about the voice in my head.

I realised that there was a simple way of shutting it up –  I would start making tee shirts for vapers.

Unfortunately the voice didn’t stop, it simply changed what it was telling me. “Make lots of tee shirts for vapers before you die!” It ordered, forthrightly.

Back to the past – vaping saved my life

Vaping did save my life but let’s go back in time so my journey toward a cigarette free existence and the birth of Ohm Made Apparel makes a bit more sense.

I used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day! The cheapest I could find.  Then in 2006 I traveled to Indonesia for a holiday.

While in Indonesia I discovered the true meaning of ‘cheap’ cigarettes.

You can buy a pack of twenty Benson & Hedges for about £1 or you can smoke what the Indonesians inhale – Kretek!

Photograph by Jeff Azoudis

Photograph by Jeff Azoudis

Holy shit wrapped in paper! Twenty sticks of pure evil orangutan crap for 50p a pack!

I tried really hard to stop smoking orangutan poop (not really poop) but it’s near impossible to give up something that you enjoy – LOL

I managed to quit smoking for five days before I couldn’t take it any longer.

Barely a week had passed and I was shaking like a leaf in a monsoon. My nerves were well and truly over the edge.

I felt like Colonal Zod after he lost his helmet – “it hurts; Doesn’t it?”

One month turned into 10 years

Here’s a crazy truth. My Indonesian holiday lasted nearly 10 years!

During this slight overstay I got hitched, became a Dad of three and choked my lungs silly.

A saviour would come

Tee Shirts for Vapers Ohm Made Apparel BHVape Indonesia

My Brother Johnnie and his better half, Lorna came to visit me in Jakarta, 2016. I hadn’t seen Johnnie in 10 years and it would be the first time that I would meet Lorna.

If you know Johnnie Lovell, then you know he always draws a crowd, no matter where he goes.


Johnnies bag of tricks

Johnnie came packing, carrying all sorts of vape paraphernalia that he brought from his BHVape shop in Bournemouth, stuff I had never seen or heard of before.

His bag of vape tricks and his own JuiceEFruit vape liquid was about to change my life for the better.

Everyday Johnnie would beat me up about my smoking habit. He told me how shocked he was by my appearance when we met at the airport.

Smoking can do that to a person, it changes you on the outside as well as on the inside. I had to admit, I wasn’t in a good state.

Tee Shirts for Vapers BHVape Indonesia

So I surrendered to Johnnies terms and took him to some local vape shops so that he could “Get me sorted!”

No one hit wonder

I took my first coughing and splattering vape hit and realised that vaping wasn’t going to be a one hit wonder.

Thanks to Johnnie, I finally had a way to ween myself off nicotine and start giving my lungs a chance to clean out.

I definitely noticed a change for the better after the first month of vaping. It was incredible.

By the time I returned to the UK I was a completely different man with regards my health.

My lungs were clean, I didn’t get so easily out of breath – quite frankly I felt amazing.

I started looking for a way to ‘Give Back’ to a community that had changed my life in such a positive way.

My design abilities seemed to be a natural fit.

Light bulb moment. Tee Shirts for Vapers

Ohm Made Apparel Light Bulb Moment

Tee Shirts for Vapers – offering something back to the vape community

Designing Vee Shirts (tee shirts for vapers) is a stimulating way for me to satisfy my own creative needs while offering something back to the UK vape community.

It has become my great escape from the day-to-day monotony of a corporate-centric design job.

I will keep working on Ohm Made Apparel until it becomes my full-time creative outlet. It’s already a passion.

Stopping now is not an option. I am constantly amazed by the growing number of vapers around the world who own an Ohm Made Apparel Vee Shirt.

Equally I am amazed by those same people who are willing to share the OMA brand with other vapers that they know.

I find that incredibly satisfying, humbling and exciting all in one massive vape cloud of Respect and Love.