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“Ohm Made Apparel (OMA) was born out of the admiration I felt toward vaping and the vape community as a whole. Like many ex-smokers, I believe that vaping saved my life. As an artist, the love of vaping has inspired me to create vape related emblems and motifs that can be worn with pride by like minded people across the entire vaping world” – Ohmbré, OMA Founder.

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All designs are original and created for Vapers all around the Vaping world!

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BHVape JuiceEFruit Vape Juice Elements
DoodleBug Vape Juice by JuiceEFruit

DoodleBug E-Liquid 0mg 50ml


Doodlebug Vape E-Liquid is funky by name, funky by nature. A blast of seriously sumptuous and ferociously fruity blackcurrant mixed with the subtle sweetness of your favourite Bubblegum, rounded off with an out of this world cooling kick.

Includes a FREE 10ml Dr Salt Nic Shot
£15 Order Now

Wonka E-Liquid 0mg 50ml


Wonka E-Liquid is a magically quirky red berry, sweet eucalyptus and aniseed mix. An Oompa-Loompa flavour chasing bottle of tricks that sensually licks your palate for kicks then unloads a savour bomb fix that’ll knock you for six.

Includes a FREE 10ml Dr Salt Nic Shot
£15 Order Now

Tee Shirts for Vapers – why I started making Vee Tee’s

By |December 24th, 2018|Categories: Ohmbré's Blog|Tags: , , , , |

"Tee Shirts for Vapers!" The phrase kept popping into my head. "Tee Shirts for Vapers!!"  Something had to be done about the voice in my head. I realised that there was [...]

Vapers wear Vee Shirts – tee shirts are worn by everyone else.

By |January 20th, 2019|Categories: Ohmbré's Blog|Tags: |

"Vapers Wear Vee Shirts!" I love this part of the slogan but what exactly are Vee Shirts? I coined the term "Vee Shirts" while helping my friend Anton (HeatWave Screen [...]

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